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From a very young age Camille Bouchard has been immersed in the world of gardening and so this is where she focused all her studies and working experience until in 2014 she graduated with a master’s degree in landscape architecture at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Nature et du Paysage at Blois, France.

By that time she had worked on garden design in horticultural environments as diverse as ScotlandAustraliaMalaysia, and France; in great gardens privately owned, national botanical gardens, and commercial garden design firms.

In 2016 she initiated a path of creative work in Portugal, where she integrated landscape design and technical garden building for public festivals and individual residential projects. For a variety of clients she has introduced the scope of permaculture for water-scarce sustainable lifestyles, applying a painstaking approach to the characteristics of the soil, landscape, and climate; combining ancient, traditional and advanced technologies for the enhancement of aesthetic pleasure and environmental conservation.

Although it has been just six years of professional practice in Portugal, Camille has demonstrated the range of her skills in a great variety of client demand situations from a private small home plot to large-scale public events. She has been designing and building to unify landscape architecture with permaculture as a singular, original way of thinking, experiencing, learning, and enjoying without the artificial inhibitions of the conventional built environments, allowing beauty and practical techniques of gardening to join. To her credentials she has added the permaculture design and teacher training courses at Vale de Lama, Portugal.

The art of creating beautiful unique gardens with a conscious approach toward the land, the environmental problems and harmonizing the wishes of the clients with the requirements of the land are the challenges that Camille is passionate about.  


Camille sees the studio as the laboratory for translating dream visions of outdoor space into living gardens. She listens, accompanies and guides you in your project with the right selection of tools and work team for establishing the homes and gardens clients desire which are best adapted to the characteristics of the site.
Camille’s approach is constantly evolving toward people, landscapes, nature, knowledge and dreams. Allowing her to create unique intimate and beautiful sustainable living places that home and garden are one. The poesie that offers the natural landscape should enhance your interior, playing with the architecture to create alive paints from the inside and outside of your home. The sensibility brought into your garden project will offer you a sense of well being and harmony. Re-connect to the beauty of nature, the natural rhythm of seasons, an observatory of the nature of emotion and the emotion of Nature.  


Dedicated Professional Landscape architect Camille brings to each project her specific collaboration with architects, interior designers, engineers, builders, artists, gardeners, botanists and permaculture specialists. Assembling a unique team of professionals, together, we will enable the client to enjoy the diversity and complementary ingenuity of the team that is dedicated to fulfilling the uniqueness of the project.

We work together to manage a project from start to end. Camille works on each and every step of a landscape project, from design to implementation and follow-up maintenance and care of the client’s investment. 

Since the past few years Camille has been collaborating with Bárbara Miranda, Architect and Interior Designer that provides a global service to their clients.


Born in Lisbon 1981, Bárbara Miranda is a Portuguese and Architect for more than 16 years, 6 of them based in London working in large Architecture & Interior Design projects. Besides being an Architect, she is also a pianist musician, a Yoga and Sacred Geometry Teacher and the founder of the digital detox movement @offlineportugal launched in 2016.
“Om and Home is not a coincidence- the way we design, experience our homes is a direct reflection of who we are and how our body and mind is in each and every moment. I have always been passionate about creating new spaces and designing homes and with Inline Home Design I have combined 2 of my biggest passions- Architecture and Self-development.”