Own Spirit Festival

Own Spirit Festival is a project located at the reservoir of Santa Ana, close to Baldellou village, near the city of Lerida in spain.

Holistic Zone

It was 2 months before the festival started. I worked for the Holistic zone with a mixed team of long term workers and volunteers. My main mission was to create green patches, gardens feeling in the middle of the desert, build fountains, showers, gestion of the dirty water, stairs, benches… all combined with artistic vision. All of this has been done without any budget, only recycled materials and using the maximum of what nature gives to us.

Yoga Stage

This stage is part of the Holistic zone, my work was to create a peaceful background, make a separation with the outside environment by a land art background. On this stage there were mostly talks, yoga classes, dances, instrumental concerts…

I collected driftwood from the lake and assembled it as it’s look like a lotus flower with leafs on

the side. With recycled fabrics the petals of the flower were completed. For this pieces we used only rope, fabric and screws.