Tribal Gathering

Tribal Gathering is a project located on the Caribbean coast on a beach in Panama. This is a gathering of 65 tribes from all around the world mixed with a trance music party.

Tribes Stage

One of the missions that had been given to me was the construction of the Tribes stage, on this stage they danced, sang, shared their culture and knowledge. The stage had been built under the giant «Malloca», it’s an open space, with a round roof built in wood and palm leafs.

The background had been closed with a bamboo slice. This stage is a little reproduction of the jungle, we included plants in the background. 

Creating boxes, earth and collecting plants,sprouting seeds was the first mission. Then the idea was to bring out the bamboo from the bamboo wall from both sides of the platform. Then the orgue of the universe is born (hiding the technical boxes on the right side of the stage). 

By creating levels mixing pieces of wood, plants and sand to integrate the whole scene. Then we create mandalas with tresors from the beach to cover up the sand and hang epiphyte plants all over. It’s become a living stage.

Lotus Bar

This bar had been built only with driftwood from the beach located 20 meters from it. The art work that I have done is an assemblement of wood creating a giant face. In the end of the construction the local team created a roof with their unique techniques with bamboo and palm leafs.