Quinta Javali

Client: Private house and garden renovation
Location: Aljezur, Portugal
Phase 1 area 10000m2
Phase: under-construction
Year: 2022

Located in Aljezur, the Quinta Javali project is a 7 hectares large renovation. From the house to the landscape the intention is to recreate an oasis of life with consciousness, beauty and art. The landscape project joins a few challenges regarding the natural conditions. The house was already under renovation, my first main focus was to design the structure of the garden. Playing with the natural slope of the terrain, integrating a natural pool, creating new connections and spaces in order to enhance the whole property with coherence. The garden comes as the junction of all those elements.   

Using landscapes architecture and permaculture tools allows the project to be more renewable in terms of resources (water, electricity…) and vegetation. The intention is to create a garden that will resist the hard drought, using the minimum of water, the vegetation selection is the key as much as preparing the ground layout for creating a wonderful garden that will enhance the architectural work.



Landscape design & construction: Camille Bouchard
Architecture & Interiors: Bárbara Miranda
Visual Identity and Interior Decor: Diana Capitão
Structural Engineer: Daniela Pereira
Consultancy Contractor: Terra Viva, Lda.

Before / After

Slide from left (before) to right (after) to preview changes.