Arrábida Private Garden

Client: Private house and garden renovation
Location: Arrábida, Portugal
Area: 2200m2
Phase: built
Year: 2022

The beginning of the project started with the simple wish of connecting the spectacular view and nature with the house (a modern construction from the 90’s). The garden is the perfect bridge to create a gentle transition between those two entities, unfortunately the actual garden was not inviting to enjoy nature.

The house was already under renovation, with a modern extension of the living room with large windows floating into the landscape. Letting the canopy enter into the living room. The intention was already set on the architectural aspect. 

It wasn’t supposed to be an important renovation at first, but after observations and listening to the clients wishes, I suggested a general optimisation of the garden; re-designing spaces and uses according to the main elements (entrance, house, swimming pool, the landscape.). 

From an architectural and landscape point of view this property has been enhanced, renovated in a way that combines beauty and awareness with the environmental conditions.


Landscape design & construction: Camille Bouchard
Architecture & Interior Design: Cave office, Miguel Cavaleiro
Contractors: Artenir e Ferreira, Espaços verdes, Filipe Rodrigues


Slide from left (before) to right (after) to preview changes.