Birds of Paradise Surf Lodge

Client: Private Guesthouse Birds of Paradise
Location: Vale da telha, Aljezur, Portugal
Area: 1000m2
Phase: built
Year: 2021

Birds of Paradise project, is a house renovation project owned by Dick and Vanessa Muller and was featured in the Tv show “Ik Vertrek” in Jan 2022.

The demand was to turn this property into a guesthouse of 6 bedrooms and outdoor living space. 

The main aspect for the garden renovation was to create private terraces for the main floor bedrooms and give a new life to the garden. The new design focuses on giving more space to the planted area, the circulations: street/the house/bedrooms, optimizing the back garden by leveling the terrain, creating a natural planted slope in order to have more space to enjoy the garden in a coastal natural ambiance. 

Inviting nature as just the continuation of the living room as the weather invites us to be mostly outside.


Landscape design and construction: Camille Bouchard
Architecture & Interior Design: Bárbara Miranda
Branding and Visual Identity: Diana Capitão
Structure & drainage: Daniela Pereira
Contractor: Regras & Ensaios, Lda


Slide from left (before) to right (after) to preview changes.