Quinta Javali

Quinta Javali Client: Private house and garden renovationLocation: Aljezur, PortugalPhase 1 area 10000m2Phase: under-constructionYear: 2022 Located in Aljezur, the Quinta Javali project is a 7 hectares large renovation. From the house to the landscape the intention is to recreate an oasis of life with consciousness, beauty and art. The landscape project joins a few challenges […]

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Arrábida Private Garden

Arrábida Private Garden Client: Private house and garden renovationLocation: Arrábida, PortugalArea: 2200m2Phase: builtYear: 2022 The beginning of the project started with the simple wish of connecting the spectacular view and nature with the house (a modern construction from the 90’s). The garden is the perfect bridge to create a gentle transition between those two entities,

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Birds of Paradise Surf Lodge

Birds of Paradise Surf Lodge Client: Private Guesthouse Birds of ParadiseLocation: Vale da telha, Aljezur, PortugalArea: 1000m2Phase: builtYear: 2021 Birds of Paradise project, is a house renovation project owned by Dick and Vanessa Muller and was featured in the Tv show “Ik Vertrek” in Jan 2022. The demand was to turn this property into a

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Landscape Analysis Arrábida

Landscape Analysis Arrábida Client: PrivateLocation: Arrabida, PortugalArea: 10 hectaresPhase: under-constructionYear: 2020 This example of landscape analysis shows a specific way to read the land and its surroundings, the type of vegetation and soil, the landform, water resources in order to have a general overview of all the potentiality of the site characteristics and how to

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Meraki Retreat Center

Meraki Retreat Center Client : Private retreat centerLocation: Arrabida, PortugalArea: 7000 m2Phase: under-constructionYear: 2018 Meraki retreat center is a project that joins multiple functions in one place – the first objective is to receive groups for different activities and events, the second aspect is to be as maximum possible sustainable in terms of energy, food

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Pego Private Garden

Pego Private Garden Client: Private garden renovationLocation: Carvalhal, PortugalArea: 1000m2Phase: builtYear: 2017 The essence of this garden lay into the natural landscape of the natural coastline and the traditional architecture of the houses. The garden has been designed around the habitation to create privacy and intimacy from the surrounding using willow panels mixed with endemic

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Carvalhal Private Garden

Carvalhal Private Garden Client: Private garden renovationLocation: Carvalha, PortugalArea: 800m2Phase: builtYear: 2016 / 2017 The main request for this little beach garden was at first giving privacy and intimacy from the neighbors. The plants selection has been based on the endemic vegetation of the coast to recreate a little beach garden respecting the natural environment.

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Good Muda Guest house

Good Muda Guest house Client : Good Muda GuesthouseLocation: Grandola, PortugalArea: 2 hectaresPhase: builtYear: 2016 The main request was to develop this project around hosting guests, retreat in different lodges/habitat in a lush garden. Inviting people to be closer to nature, allowing them to experience healthy food from the vegetable garden and a peaceful stay

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Boom Festival

Boom Festival Boom festival is located in the north east of Portugal, close to the Spanish border.I have participated since 2017 in the sacred fire team. We worked on site for a few months before the festival started. The principal mission is to maintain and create gardens combined with artistic shapes and constructions to welcome

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Tribal Gathering

Tribal Gathering Tribal Gathering is a project located on the Caribbean coast on a beach in Panama. This is a gathering of 65 tribes from all around the world mixed with a trance music party. Tribes Stage One of the missions that had been given to me was the construction of the Tribes stage, on

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